About Us

We are your lending partners.

We lend hard money / private money for fix & flip residential deals as well as repositioning commercial deals nationwide. We pride ourselves of speed and superior service. We can lend as high as 100% (subject to equity-share).

We also offer regular commercial loans for purchase and refinance of commercial properties nationwide. For those difficult situations, where the borrower may not qualify on his/her own, we bring in private money and other resources to make the deal happen.

We are Funding Warehouse. Bring in your “mis-fit” and unique loans to us and we will find a solution.

Contact us if you are a Trust Deed Investor or want to know more about Trust Deed Investments.



  • My experience has been Great. I can apply for more loans AND refer them to the people I know. We were really pleased with the results, especially because the process was fast.  
    John C.
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