Loan Programs

Each program we have is tailored based on what our client needs and on the deal itself. If you have a *smoking* deal but lack of experience, then we can always partner up with you. We consult with our experts in order to structure your deal. We mostly cover California, but can expand to other states as well. We are your one-stop service provider to close your deal, essentially a single-window for getting your deal done and funded! We specialize in Fix & Flip loans, but we do other loan types as well. For all other loan types: long-term low interest, refinance, commercial, land, construction, etc., email for details.

Fix & Flip Programs

We offer 2 main Fix and Flip programs. These two programs represent the two extremes, so a deal may be tailored in between these programs to match the borrower’s needs. Our 100% financing Joint Venture (JV) program is for our experienced borrowers only and only for deals in California. The details of each program can be seen below (restrictions may apply):

Program Type Non-JV JV
Joint Venture? No Yes
Experienced Borrower? No Yes
Is Bad Credit Okay? Yes No
% of Purchase Price 80-90 100
 % of Rehab Amount  100  100
 Equity Split  None  50/50
 Minimum Loan Amount   $100K
 Type of Residence  Single Family Residence & Multi-family homes
 Pre Payment Penalty?   None
 Term Length   6-12 months
 Interest Rate   Varies between Deals
 Closing?  As Fast as 6-10 Business Days


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